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Before and after nursery

On our last visit to Uganda, we made connections with a nursery school and began to work with them to repair and build some areas of the school! We know how much learning environment can make to giving a child success in later life so we are honoured to be partnering with this nursery school, to improve the leaning environment of the children who learn there.

Here are some before pictures:

nusery1 nursery7 nursery6 nursery3 nursery4


Here are some after pictures!!!

nursery 2016 3 2


We can see here that windows are starting to be put in and the plastering is also underway, thank you to all the wonderful people who donate to us and support us. We love you and couldn’t do all this with out you.


Bake Sale

Cake, cake and more cake. Yummy! We had a very successful bake sale recently, with a whole range of delicious tasting treats. We were blessed enough to make £53.65 …fantastic.

People were so generous and it real touched me and was so encouraging to have peoples support by being there.

Nabasa Trust launch celebration.

Thanks to all who came to our charity launch celebration. It was a great day to really celebrate the official beginning of the charity,and to have the opportunity to share a bit about how we came about and what our plans are and vision is for the development of the charity. It was great to have so many people there to celebrate with us. Thank u to Tracy, Innocent and JJ, I had a glitch with the food but they have stepped in and along with Bertrand made some wonderful food for us to eat in true African style. We gave a ten minute presentation introducing the team, Colin and Grayden (trustees),myself: Joanna Smith (head of UK team) unfortunately Steve and Kiri (website and design) weren’t able to join us but they were with us in prayer.

To give a brief background of how the Nabasa Trust started. It started with a friendship, Ambrose who is head of the Uganda team, came over to my church St Marks Kennington to work for a gap year.We became firm friends and have kept in touch, I have visited him and his family 8 times and I met Colin (trustee) on one of my visits there as he was working there for a year. I have already done some work there in Uganda, helping some people, paying for school fees, as has Colin. To increase the impact of the work we can do, we have developed into a charity organisation to help more people in need. Our vision is to work with orphaned and vunerable children in Kabale, a town in the south of Uganda, near the Rwanda border. Ambrose is living just outside the town of Kabale and we want to help people who live in the surrounding houses as many people have houses that are in dis repair and dont have access to clean, safe drinking water. This is our first aim, to repair the damaged houses and repair the water tank nearby which has holes in it. I will be heading out to Uganda in November and that will be our aim when I get there, to start that process. We first need to register in Uganda.
There are ways you can help……
You can

– Pray for us
– Sign up to our email updates which will have prayer requests on
– Pledge a skill, time.
– like our facebook page
– share us on facebook page with your friends
– tell 10 people you know about us.
– Make something for us to sell at our craft sale.
– Donate craft materials
– Suggest ideas to us, or is you thing there is something we could do better next time, we would love to hear from you.

I would ask you all to please do prayerfully consider any pledge or financial donation, you feel you might want to give.
(Head of UK team)