Moving forward

Things have been a little quiet on the Nabasa Trust front line over the last few weeks, we had a very successful launch party and our first trustee meeting. I (Jo-head of UK team) am preparing to move to Lee Abbey in Devon next week. After eight years in London, God is moving me there to live and work as part of the Lee Abbey community for a year. It will be a real year of rest and developing my relationship and faith in God. In terms of the Nabasa trust, I will be telling people about us and what we do. I will be also beginning to make things to sell at events as well as waiting to see what doors God may open for us whilst I am there.

Prayer requests

•    pray for the move for myself.
•    pray as we step out into getting the Nabasa Trust known about within Lee Abbey community and guests.
•    Pray as we complete our registration in Uganda that will enable us to work there.

Ways you can help

  1. Pray for us.
  2. Donate craft materials to me, that I can use to make things whilst at Lee Abbey, that we will then sell.
  3. Make something for us to sell.
  4. We are looking for someone with knowledge of law…particularly charity law, if you have an expertise in that area please do let us know…
  5. Donate …..


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